Olive Leaf Tea

13.03.2021 | Blog

The other day, we talked about how we evaluate the olive leaf on mavras ‘ social media accounts. Currently, almost all channels talk about the healing of the olive tree leaf. As the fight against Coronavirus (Covid 19) continues around the world, a great interest in olive leaf tea began when it was heard that the active substance called “Oleuropein” found in the olive leaf is an important argument in the battle against the virus, and the leaves of the olive tree have gained value these days. Let’s move on now “what are the benefits of olive leaf tea?”, “Good For What?”, “How To Make Olive Leaf Tea? answers to frequently asked questions such as”. Prof. Dr. According to the division, “olive tree leaves have proflactic properties and are primarily important for strengthening our immune system without getting caught in Covid 19. Because these are substances that reduce the impact of the virus. So we have to use it without getting sick, without getting caught. If we get the Kovid virus, we have to keep using it. Because I heard that; Patients started drinking olive leaves in hospitals in Spain. In our meeting with the chief Doctors of 5 city hospitals in Istanbul, we learned that they have also started to give their patients a drink for the last month. “The leaves of our organic, Ceres-certified, drug-free olive trees in our garden are as valuable as their fruit. Olive leaf extract has many benefits and supports, from increasing energy and supporting healthy blood pressure, to supporting the cardiovascular system and the immune system. You can also heal by drinking a glass of olive leaf tea a day. Olive Leaf Tea recipe: add a cup of water to the dried 3-4 spoonfuls of finely chopped olive leaves and brew for 8-10 minutes. After a little listening, our organic, drug-free olive leaves for Bon Appetit are on sale on our website, you can easily reach. Are you looking for natural olive leaves from trees that have not been medicated in any way? You’re in the right place! Get already healing!