Centaury Soap with Olive Oil

The most important feature of St. Centaury Soap with Olive Oil is that it is vasoconstrictor. It provides the solution of varicose veins and vascular problems. Delays the signs of aging by providing cell regeneration. It ensures that the skin reaches the moisture balance it should have. Contributes to the healing of wounds, burns and acne on the skin. It removes regional changes in skin color due to reasons such as excessive exposure to the sun. Provides equalization of your skin tone. Contributes to the reduction of acne formation and scars.

Usage: Soap is wetted and applied to the skin, massaged in a circular motion and left on the skin for 1 minute.Content: 100% olive oil, centaury oil, water, (noah) sodium hydroxide

Soap grammage 150/170 g
For allergic skin, it is recommended to try it on a small area of the skin.

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