Mavras Black Saddle Olives

Our organic Edremit type black olives won the appreciation of the jury in the “International Table Olive” category at the London International Olive Oil Competition held in London and took the top position in black olives by winning the only platinum medal.

After the blackened black olives collected from the branches of the olive trees in November are calibrated, the first class olives are selected and pressed with rock salt in our canisters or walnut wood molds and left to rest. As the olives gradually absorb the salt, the peel begins to wrinkle and becomes the consistency of black saddle. We continue to ripen the olives by turning them in different directions twice a month. We periodically turn the olives in the casserole so that the flavor is trapped inside, right down to the pits.

The most important feature of Mavras’ olives is that the fleshy part of the olives is easily separated from the pits, as they are obtained naturally after months of fermentation.

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