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Mavras Antique Soaphouse – Set of 10 Soap

Mavras Antique Soaphouse’s most popular and best selling soaps are now in a set of 10! with our handmade wicker basket …

  • Resin Soap (Acne, Skin Blemishes)
  • St. John’s Worth Soap (Acne, Wound, Skin Treatments)
  • Calendula Soap (Eczema, Mushroom)
  • Lavender Soap (Skin Cleansing, Relaxation)
  • Rosemary Soap (Allergic Conditions, Skin Itching)
  • Narcissus Soap (Skin Freshness, Skin Softness)
  • Olive Oil Soap (Skin Tone Adjusting)
  • Silverberry Soap (Freshness, Skin Freshness)
  • Ocean Soap (Soft Skin, Comfortable Sleep)
  • Hot Olive Oil Soap (Hair Loss, Acne, Skin Recovery)

With our wishes for healing …

149,90 TL

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