Who We Are

Mavras Story
Mavrazade : Our family name in Crete Island.
As: When we were forced to migrate to Republic of Turkey As is the chosen family name enforced by family name requirement law in 1934.

Mavras name is derived from Mavr of Mavrazade & As family names, our heritage. Thus it is the trademark of a family who migrated from Crete Island to Küçükkuyu, passionately attached to olives and olive oil. This is the story of a generation…

Mavras Quality Commitment
The quality of our products depend on our mature, stubborn olive trees and the knowledge of manufacturing process inherited from our ancestors which today is embedded to our hi-tech machinery. Our olives that grow on the trees along slopes of mythological Ida Mountains, facing south, are protected from north winds, in a very high level oxygen area, gain the delicious taste naturally on these trees.

Olive oil is very sensitive to odor. If you put olive oil in a cup,near sliced onion and leave them side by side, all the onion odor will be collected by olive oil. This is why we never allow our olives and olive oil touch anything but stainless steel and opaque glass. The quality of olive oil will diminish if exposed to any of the five, oxygen, plastics, sunlight, water, temperature over 24C.

Olives are cold processed in our factory without added water. The water that is inherent in the olives, will be separated first by the Leopard 6 centrifuge, second by the Marte separator, then filtered. Extra virgin olive oil in our factory is always stored in stainless steel tanks. We never use plastic based tanks. When they are ready for distribution, they are packed in opaque glass bottles or tin cans. All bottle caps are air-tight to avoid exposure to air, oxygen. Our olive oils, with its soft taste and purity, add health to the consumers and cheers the palates.

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